October 26, 2013

PWD #3

 Fluttershy badge for no one. Was just bored!

 2 hour speed paint of Nightmare Moon.

Last, but not least, bat pony best pony! 

October 19, 2013

Past Week's Doodles #2

I honestly haven't done much this week! Just the Zecora above, and Twilight below. Tried something new with Zecora, and really like how she came out. First time doing a more complex background, and didn't really put any thought in it until after I had colored Zecora.

Now back to losing my soul to the cookie clicker game. It's awful and addictive and I can't stop! D:

October 11, 2013

Past Week's Doodles #1

I figured instead of making a new post for everything I do, I'd just make a weekly art dump of stuff I've done! I'm mainly keeping this blog to keep track of my progress anyhow. I'm hoping in a year I'll be able to re-do the Spitfire posted above and have it be amazing. We'll see. 

Anyway, here's some stuff I've done for practice, and for some people who either commissioned me, or I gifted some art to them! 

 Batpony version of my boyfriend's OC for Halloween. He's been a bit obsessed with batponies for a few weeks, so I was happy to do this for him. :D

Gift for a Twitter friend's OC.

Redid a commissioned badge for Steve Streza. Hung out with him at Bronycon, he's a pretty awesome guy! His OC is adorable as well. 

October 3, 2013

Badge Commission Information!

Yay examples!

All badges will be digitally drawn, laminated, and come with a badge clip! Price is $25, mailing included. You also get the digital file! :D

Send all requests to ponyartstuffs@gmail.com, please have a reference of your character. If you need me to design a pony for you, it's $15 extra. I'll also do any canon ponies, IE Mane Six, background ponies. Fan made ponies, like Fluffle Puff, will not be made. No porn requests, I like my pastel equines as happy and innocent little flowers. 


October 1, 2013

Rainbow Dash!

Trying out a bunch of different styles! Did this earlier today, and am pretty happy with it. Definitely not bad, I think, for only doing digital art for less than a week.

I'm open for commissions for either traditional or digital work. Send anything to ponyartstuffs@gmail.com, or find me on Twitter @wtfitskatie .

Been working on batpony badges for the upcoming Nightmare Nights convention in Dallas, TX. My boyfriend, Xyro is the AV lead, so expect some awesome wubs for the dances for sure. They have a ton of special guests from the show staff, as well as community guests like Sophie Cabra and Pixel Kitties . Pre-registration is still open and the hotel is filling up fast, so check it out here!

September 28, 2013

Digital time!

I had the pleasure of getting a Cintiq 13 HD by Wacom this week! I've never done any sort of digital art before, so there's quite a learning curve I'm still getting the hang of. Anyway, above is a Chrysalis I did today! I played around with a lot of different things, and I'm pretty happy with it. Not perfect, but a good starting point at least.

July 26, 2013


After a long hiatus, the blog has been resurrected!

I'm finally back in a routine where art things can happen on a regular basis. Which I have to admit is pretty nice! It has definitely been a hectic year, but I'm adjusted to my life in Texas, finally. (Even if I work for a scumbag corporation for my day job >.>) 

Anyway, I'll be attending Bronycon next week! My first big convention, so I'm very much looking forward to it. I have a few commissions for badges to finish up before then as well.

I'm still open for any commissions! At the moment, I'm only able to do traditional art, nothing digital. Won't be obtaining anything for making digital drawings for a little while. If you're interested, though, please feel free to email me at ponyartstuffs@gmail.com .

Last minute Bronycon badge commissions are still available at this time! Closing Tuesday, July 30th.

Inked line art badges: $10
Full-color: $20

Sketches: $10
Inked Sketches: $15
Full-color: $20-$30 

Hope to see y'all at Bronycon! You can find me on Twitter if you want to meet up, or email me!